Curriculum vitae


Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science, concentration in biology
University of Connecticut, May 2015
Relevant coursework: Field ecology,  environmental health, evolutionary biology, field herpetology, developmental plant morphology

Professional Experience

Staff researcher
July 2017 to present
Plant computational genomics lab, Storrs CT

  • – Lead authored a paper currently under review on, a public database storing genomic and phenomic data for thousands of tree species, after helping to design and maintain that database.
  • – Closely worked with PI to script, organize, and complete an annotation of multiple walnut trees.
  • – Developed GIS based web-framework for plotting and analyzing forest trees and their referenced genomics data
  • – Helped organize weekly meetings with staff and undergraduates to coordinate development
  • – Traveled to multiple international conferences to represent the lab and discuss our current research

Environmental analyst
Novemeber 2015 to July 2017
M&M Environmental / Green Orchard Group, Queens NY

  • – Developed new business division to inspect biological hazards, such as mold and lead paint.
  • – Specialized in mold inspections, and studied relevant laws and legislation to ensure work was performed safely and effectively. Earned multiple licenses for managing environmental hazards.
  • – Part time work in pest control in separate division, identifying insects from clients.

Bioinformatics undergraduate researcher
January 2015 to July 2015
Plant computational genomics lab, Storrs CT

  • – Processed and analyzed both genomic material as well as maps and visualized data based on results.
  • – Supervised other lab members on script writing projects involving Python and R, writing pseudocode and
    ensuring projects were completed on time.


Baker, A., Wegrzyn, J., Sezen, U., Falk, T., Maloney, P., Vogler, D., … Neale, D. (2018). “Comparative transcriptomics among four white pine species.” G3.

Presenter “Efficiency, Design, and Analytical Improvements in CartograTree, a Web-Framework for Association Mapping and Landscape Genomics in Forest Trees” Digital Tools and Resources Session, Plant and Animal Genome XXVI, January 16 2018, San Diego, CA

Leadership and Activities

Citizen scientist
Audubon Society NYC
Participated in data collection and monitoring of horseshoe crab populations in the Jamaica Bay, as horseshoe crab spawning is vital to shorebird populations.

Radio DJ, WHUS – 91.7 FM
2013 to 2015
Hosted a live radio show interviewing artists on the phone and playing music, and was responsible for broadcasting online and locally to thousands of students and community members

Event Coordinator
2013 to 2014
Event Coordinator for a state-wide recycling initiative. Organized events, lead and instructed students, called on local businesses to donate funds and materials, promoted event through local and online news.